Dopers Suck was founded in the summer of 2004 when a top ranked mountain bike champion tested positive and admitted to taking EPO to improve his performance. This incident took place the week before a U.S. National Mountain Bike race in Snowmass, Colorado. I had recently stopped racing mountain bikes, but planned to attend and watch the race in Snowmass and ride the beautiful trails. During the same week leading up to the race another top professional mountain biker was staying at my home in Boulder, Colorado when we heard the news about this champion’s positive test. We were both upset by the news. I had struggled for the past several years trying to get good race results as a professional mountain biker, but was never fast enough to secure a sponsor that would allow we to make a living at bike racing. Now here is a guy who became rich and famous by taking performance-enhancing drugs. My pal was upset because he competed directly against this top mountain biker and in fact had just recently finished second to him at the Sea Otter Race in Monterrey, California a few months earlier! My pal is a top-level professional, trying to make a living at bike racing, and he has lost money and recognition to a guy who admittedly took performance drugs!

I thought to myself, “Dopers Suck!”

I decided to get some iron-on letters at the store and make a t-shirt stating Dopers Suck and wear it all weekend in Snowmass. My buddy laughed, but told me to make him one, too. He said if he won the race, which I knew was quire possible; he would wear the t-shirt on the podium.

I wore the t-shirt all weekend and got a great response from all my former fellow racers. And sure enough, my friend won Sunday’s race, stepped onto the top of podium, and unzipped his team jersey to expose the t-shirt I made! It was a great statement.

Upon returning to Boulder that evening, I registered the domain name, began working on a Dopers Suck logo and then began selling t-shirts from the website. That was more than five years ago, but the doping hasn’t stopped since then. There have been hundreds of positive doping tests by all types of athletes. And, since 2004, we have sent t-shirts, hats, stickers and wristbands around the globe to athletes and sports enthusiasts of all levels wanting to make a statement.